12 of the Lies Men Tell Most Often in Relationships


Everyone wants to think that their boyfriend won’t cheat on them again, but if he’s done it once, he probably will do it again.
Cheating turns into a habit that is hard to break. If you find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you, it’s a clear sign that you should move on. He has no respect for you or the relationship you have with him.


You will find out where he works and confirm that he does work there. Luckily for the guy, that’s all most women want to know, so the actual position is up to you. A lot of bankers do this. A very junior contract worker can suddenly become the branch manager, and it’s amazing that the manager will let him do that for show, especially on close-knit teams.
Even the women who work in banks know about this and will help make it happen.
No be bank? Driver na marketer. Not that there’s anything wrong with drivers o, but, like, dude, just tell it like it is.


You almost can’t feel sorry for women in this situation. Pete Edochie said that if a bird learns to eat without perching, the hunter must learn to shoot without missing. In the end, guys are good because they can change and adapt. Several women are dating “moto,” but not the guy. Even they don’t know how bad it is. As long as he has a car, she will listen to him. If the car has air conditioning, she will talk about him all the time. If he has a nice house, that’s even better. If he can add a good job to that, the plan is for him to become Mr. Right, LOL.

So, he’s allowed to talk to you and take you out because he has a car. He’s also allowed to be slept with because he has a house, and you’ve already seen how good he is at his job, so you know he’s worth it. However, the car belongs to his friend, who is always sitting in the passenger seat acting like a scrub. Oh, the house belongs to him too, and the squatting deal you were told about was actually the wrong way around.) At this point, you’re still holding on to the fact that he’s a bank branch manager, right?
LOL for you, olodo girl. You’ve made a fool of yourself.


This isn’t as bad as cheating, but it’s still very annoying. When you’re talking to your man and it seems like he’s not paying attention, don’t believe him when he says he has. This isn’t always a deal-breaker in a relationship, but it should be talked about so the problem can be fixed.


Even though guys don’t tend to lie as much about their sex history as women do, maybe because it’s almost a good thing to have had sex before, this issue still makes the list. Oh, no, even guys who are married are single. Even if you wear your ring and keep a picture of her on your desk, it won’t affect your runs because there will always be girls willing to convince themselves on your behalf that your ring is just a fashion ring, the woman in the photo is your sister, your daughter is your favorite niece, and you are too young to be married. If this is what you are telling yourself, why should he try to change your mind?


So, you’re putting together FBI, right? We looked for him on social media and went through his accounts, checking his connections and friends. We looked and looked, but we didn’t find anything, which means he’s clean. You look like the smartest and sneakiest person in the world, especially since you looked up the account on his phone when he wasn’t looking, LOL. Did you really think you got that phone when he wasn’t looking? That’s what was meant! Now you’re sure you’re searching his account, but it never occurred to you that he probably has more than 150 friends, and if you’ve known him for a while, at least one of them should be connected to you. Sister, let’s keep it simple: you are on a long thing, no, the wrong thing. You were given that account. Well, not you in particular, but everyone in his life who is a “you.”


Just like with social media, the phone number you have is probably not the main one. You might not think so because the number is on the “bigger” device, but you can see that the “small” phone that doesn’t let you browse the internet IS the main phone. It’s set up so that it’s the one he has to take everywhere and can’t do without. It’s the one he’d rather be caught with, since you can’t convict him if you can’t do anything but play the “snake” game to check it.


Oh, this is a common one. You can’t figure out where they are. Sometimes guys want to be in the wrong place or do something wrong because it gives them a sense of freedom in their minds that they crave. When a single woman asks you where you are, evolution has taught you that telling the truth will almost always get you in trouble in the present, the future, or even from the past. Someone might have said they saw you looking like a crescent moon. It’s also possible that a standard time template is being used to figure out how long you’ve been gone, like “Where are you?” You answer, “Law school.” If it takes you 15 minutes to get to VGC, that becomes your standard for other days. But if you say you’re already at the second toll gate, that becomes your standard, which means you can lie and say you’re almost there, go somewhere else for 30 minutes, and still not be asked why you’re late.


For a party you’re going to, you want to look your best.
You know that it takes time to be perfect, but your man is more worried about being late than about anything else.
At this point, it doesn’t matter how you look as long as you can get out of the house quickly.
This is more of a white lie than anything else, since he probably thinks you look great no matter what.


Default answer “a friend”. The second answer is “my co-worker.” Nobody is the third answer. I mean, man, really?
“No one” is calling? “Friend,” “colleague,” and the mysterious “nobody” must all have names, but you’ll never find out what they are because the goal is to never say their names. If you press and press, you’ll get an answer after a few pauses to think, but it will be hard to confirm the name.

The real reason: Most of the guys who like you want to sleep with you. Now, I see some guys raise their hands because they think they are good people and want to get married. So, you get married, and then what? Not make love to her? LOL. Know that every guy wants to get in your pants. When and how they want to do it is the question.
People you want to be around are those who want to do it AFTER they’ve done what needs to be done, not before.
What is this “needful,” sister? Many people answer “take me to the club and buy me drinks” because they think it’s funny. But if your answer is “take me to the club and buy me drinks,” you can’t blame a brother for settling down after meeting your minimum requirements. He didn’t do anything wrong; you did by lowering your standards. (Just so you know, a wedding proposal or introduction is not the same as a wedding.)


Guys love sex and women give sex, but if there’s one thing they love more than sex and women, it’s money, so it’s not surprising that it’s on the list. There are two kinds of money liars in this country: those who exaggerate how much money they have (women like these guys) and those who say they will tell it like it is without exaggeration (women call these ones stingy liars). In any case, a guy will fall into one of the other two groups, most likely because of how much he has paid for sex in the past, present, or future.


If he has another girl in his life, which is almost certain to be the case, he is not telling you the truth about her (or, as is often the case, about them). There will always be something to put them in a different category. Friend, Friend’s cousin, colleague, classmate, course mate, neighbor, neighbor’s friend, colleague’s friend, classmate’s friend, Friend’s classmate, Friend’s neighbor, classmate’s neighbor, The list goes on and on. Isn’t it funny that he’s always the one who gets dumped by an ex, the one who wasn’t liked by her family (or, when your breakup time is rip, the one who is liked by his mom)? Oh, he really is that cute, right? See what’s up with you.

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