When Your Spouse Says; It’s Nothing, We Are Just Colleagues

Because of how our jobs are set up, many of us work closely with people of the opposite sex. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some people will have the chance to cross the line when it comes to the level of relationship that is acceptable.

There will always be chances for close relationships at work, and we all know that many of them are wrong or at best lead to sex.
Because of how close work is, people often put their marital status in the background.

This causes tension at home for a spouse who is available and paying attention, because no matter how hard someone tries to hide it, when a relationship crosses the line, certain things become clear if you are paying attention.

They’d try, but the person’s name would come up a lot more, making them feel emotions and excitement that a regular coworker shouldn’t make them feel. Communication will become more “hush-hush,” chats with that person that are supposed to be about work will be hidden and off-limits, and communication will become so casual that it almost lacks the respect that should exist between coworkers.

A Woman Without Means of Livelihood Will Struggle More to Leave an Abusive Marriage

No matter how hard they try to hide it at work, everyone else would notice. Of course, someone would see, hear, or learn about it at some point, and then it would no longer be a secret. Still, the people involved would think they are being careful and that no one is watching.

Illegal work relationships usually don’t end well, though, just like others have in the past. The cracks start to show when there is unnecessary tension with the spouse at home, when there is jealousy when interacting with other coworkers and clients, and when you can’t separate your emotions from your logic when making business decisions.

Work is one place where there should be healthy limits.
No matter how quiet you try to be, it always gets out: office quickie and “head,” car space, arriving together and leaving together, and even when you try to leave separately and meet up in town, it always ends badly.

You really want to stay away from this.
Imagine sending your naked pictures to a coworker and his wife seeing them and making a scene. No, it’s not a story. It’s true.

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