Even if Your Marriage Doesn’t Work Out, Always be There for Your Kids

Even if your marriage didn’t work out, you still have to be a responsible father if you have kids. This means being there for them financially, socially, physically, spiritually, etc.

Yes, you will have to follow certain rules if you and your ex no longer live together and if you don’t have joint custody, but you can’t let this one slide.

Many people leave and come back looking for a way in, but they aren’t any better. Then how will the mother, who has custody and is paying for everything, let you in?

It’s not fair to the woman who did all the work or to the kids whose hopes are raised and then dashed. You may not have been the best husband, but please don’t joke about what kind of father you are.

If you’re right, the average woman will agree (after she’s gotten over the pain of the divorce, of course) and even like having someone to share the responsibilities with, so you’d get the access you want.

As a father, it hurts to have to follow rules, but that’s one of the bad things about getting a divorce. But if you and your ex act like adults, there’s no reason why you can’t be polite and maybe even friendly. Even though it has happened, it doesn’t mean you should get back together, but at least you can be good parents together.

Consider it. Reach out, be nice, be mature, act like a person, and stay the same. Things will improve.

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