20 Basic Red Flags When Seeking A Husband

1. He has no solid plan for the future (his and yours)
2. He is controlling.
3. He lies.
4. He has no mind of his own.
5. He is always complaining and rarely positive.
6. He is abusive, rude and lashes out without control.
7. He does not have a properly defined one on one relationship with God.
8. He does not have good family ties.
9. He has no defined legitimate occupation or source of income.
10. Alcohol and substance are a major part of his life.
Marriage red flags
11. He always has to have the final say.
12. He treats ‘lower’ people poor.
13. He has too many women actively involved in his life with a past that’s still not clear.
14. He has a different/No better definition and expectation from marriage.
15. He has too little/no time for you.
16. He wants you to get pregnant before he marries you.
17. He is always about sex or money.
18. He is in a rush.
19. He is financially reckless (even if it is when he spends for you).
20. His personality and demeanor drives fear through you.
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