A Good Wife Will Help You, But Don’t Put Your Responsibility on Her

There’s nothing wrong with a wife pitching in, but this shouldn’t be her main job all the time. Unfortunately, the hood-hearted help that many women gave their husbands turned out to be a regret when their husbands left it to them in style.

Many people today are angry and tired, but they are being used in bad ways. You should pay the school fees, but you don’t because you know she can’t watch the kids if they stay at home. You don’t take care of the house, but you expect your wife to cook you exotic meals, etc.

Even if it’s not about money, wives have been forced to do things around the house that you’d expect a husband to do, like fixing broken hardware or being a handyman.

The idea that “she will do it” may seem easy to accept, but it makes you more lazy and careless, which makes it harder for your wife to respect you or find you attractive.

In the end, it turns into a story about “why she did it because she had money,” but you’d know deep down that you took a piss.

A wife can have more than you, be in a better position than you, etc., but at the end of the day, you are still a husband with responsibilities.

Even if you need help, don’t slack off and leave everything to her. Seeing you do extra things for the house, even when you don’t have much time, makes you respect you and shows how much you care.

Don’t give up on your wife because she’s a person and will eventually get tired of you.

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