Makeup Habits and Its Danger on Your Skin Health

Makeup defines a lot of ladies and it’s a personal thing for many. A lot of women have daily makeup routines that have been a habit since their teenage age. For some women, it’s a 2-minute gloss-only routine, while for others it’s a compulsory hour of detailed makeup that begins their day. However, some of the routines/products can be harmful to the skin. The following are bad makeup habits we all need to cut out.

Makeup habits and your skin health

1. Using unhygienic Brushes

Religiously washing your brushes can be quite tiring and stressful even for the most re-known beautician. Trying out new make-up hacks is always going to be more fun than cleaning up afterwards.
Cleaning makeup brushes at least once a week will certainly go a long way in reducing skin irritation. Unclean brushes are breeding homes for bacteria. And trust me! Bacteria sounds like bad news, so our skin is definitely better off without complications like acne and pimples.

2. Sleeping while wearing makeup

We’re all guilty of sleeping off in make-up after a stressful work day or staying out late with friends. I’m not here to judge anyone,but we can all do better I’m sure.
Some habits can help us take off make-up after a tiring day. Keeping some pieces of make up remover wipes in your handbag or purse  so that you can wipe your face wherever you are. Also keeping a foaming cleanser and a set of fresh face towels somewhere near the sink in the bathroom makes taking makeup a lot easier.

3. Using Makeup beyond expiry date

It might be a lipstick or mascara that at some point we use for a period of a year or two. Using expired makeup product exposes our skin to various bacterial infections leading to acne,pimples and skin irritations. That’s why it’s very important for us to take note of the products expiration dates before purchase and making sure we replace the product whenever expired.

4. Bathroom display of products

It’s easier to access makeup products in the bathroom after shower, especially if you have a big mirror to admire your face there. But the danger in doing that lies with the fact that,damp moisture from the bathroom can be a breeding place for bacteria. Too much humidity from the bathroom can affect the normal product shelf-life.

5. Using products without a sunscreen or a moisturizer.

Some makeup products can make your skin drier or more oily than normal. Skipping moisturizing your skin and jumping straight to applying makeup can cause  premature aging, untimely appearance of wrinkles and a lot of sun damage.
Applying a moisturizer before sunscreen then makeup can really go a long way in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.
Applying makeup isn’t bad, in fact it’s a confidence booster in our society today. All we recommend is maintaining a healthy makeup habit.


-Using a makeup remover to take off make-up first then gently washing your face with a facial cleanser.
– Cleaning makeup brushes regularly at least once in a week in order to get rid of bacteria that comes from sweat and accumulated dead skin cells overtime.
– Check make-up products expiration date before purchase and also by regularly replacing it after expiry.
– Avoid sharing makeup causes infection especially if the other person carries some kind of skin infection.
– Lastly, use  a moisturizer and sunscreen before applying makeup cause your skin will love you and thank you!
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