PCOS, Erectile Dysfunction, and HIV are All Examples of Health Problems That Many People are Dealing with Right Now

Going through this is hard enough, but many people also face discrimination, which makes them even more afraid to talk about their conditions. Many people then make the mistake of keeping it a secret because they think that once they are married, it will be hard for the other person to back out.

Know first that this is always wrong from a moral point of view. These conditions will affect different parts of your marriage that will affect your spouse’s life. You can’t say you love someone and then use them to get what you want. If the love is true and mean to be, your condition (which can be managed) will be accepted. In any case, you deserve someone who is willing to go through it with you.

Imagine getting married to a new woman and then not being able to have a sexual life with her because of a condition you didn’t tell her about. This won’t make the marriage you think you have work, and if you put the other person’s life in danger on purpose, you could get in trouble with the law.

No matter what you are going through, the person who is meant to be with you will accept you. With their help, that person is who you deserve.

Please think about this.

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