Permanent Treatment of Breast Cancer With and Without Surgery

Breast cancer is a very dangerous type of cancer, especially if not detected early. It is however diagnosed in stages. So to reduce the mortality rate, there’s a need for awareness about the symptoms and screening processes. Though breast cancer symptoms here will be focusing on females, it does occur in males too once in a blue moon.


These are tests and procedures a doctor uses to confirm the presence of breast cancer

– After having a physical breast examination to check for any lumps, discolouration and retraction of the nipples further imaging test are required if any of these symptoms is present.

1. Mammogram: It is the type of imaging that shows the presence if lumps or any abnormality.
2. Ultrasound: This is the use of Ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It helps to visualize the presence of a solid mass or fluid anomaly.
3. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): This technique forms cross-sectional images of human body for diagnostic purposes. This is the most advanced form of imaging test.
Other methods
– Biopsy: this is the laboratory analysis on a piece of tissue of the breast. This is more advance in the sense that it shows the type of cancer that develops.

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breast cancer treatment


If detected early, treatment increase the life span of patients. The main treatment types include:

– Surgery
– Radiation therapy
– Hormone therapy
– Chemotherapy
– Biological treatment therapy

Surgery: this involves the partial and total removal of the breast. It depends on the person’s preference. Removal of complete breast with skin, fatty tissue and nipple is called mastectomy. While removal of tumor and small amount of healthy tissue around, in order to reduce the spread of rest of the breast. Is called lumpectomy.

Radiation therapy: Is prescribed and controlled doses of radiation can be administered to patients. It is mostly done after surgery in order to target and destroy any remaining tumor.

Chemotherapy: This is usually recommended by doctors to reduce the size of a tumor and make it less difficult to remove. Chemotherapy is also prescribed by doctors to reduce the risk of cancer.

Hormone therapy: this is the only option for patients that are not recommended to have surgery. This can also be used in other patients to reduce the size of tumor before surgery. Though one of the downsides of this treatment is that it affects fertility.

Biological treatment therapy: This is the therapy that involves the use of targeted drugs to fight and destroy breast cancer cells.

In a nutshell, a person may be able to prevent breast cancer from occurring by living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding consumption of alcohol and reporting any abnormality to your health practitioner. Indeed breast cancer is dangerous, but it can be treated if detected early.

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