Signs You May be in a Toxic Marriage

– You are always afraid to say what you think.

– Conversations that are serious can’t happen.

– You are avoidably lonely.

– Problems are dealt with by making threats

– Words that hurt are the norm.

– You are not allowed to grow.

– You are hurt by other people.

– Keep quiet.

– Not being pushed enough.

– You can’t talk to your friends and family.

– You can’t move around nearly enough.

– Someone is watching you.

– There is emotional blackmail.

– No apologies, even when it’s clear you’re wrong.

– What you earn can’t be spent.

– What other people say is more important than what you say.

-You don’t like having to take risks.

– Money and sex are used to punish people.

– People always try to make you look bad.

– You don’t have a purpose.

– You have feelings for someone else.

– It’s easy to tell lies.

– You feel insecure.

– The marriage gives you no privacy.

– Efforts only go one way.

– Doesn’t care.

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