What Makes Happy Marriage? Prayers or Good Characters?

If you look at the numbers, you’ll see that marriages in religious circles seem to have the same or even more problems than those in secular circles.

This makes you wonder what exactly the prayers, fasting, and supposed religious values are for. You would be wrong to think that they are not important.

The problem is that people were told from the start to pray and go to sleep instead of working. One common example is getting married to someone you didn’t bother to talk to long enough to get to know the basics about.

If you look at all the different parts of a marriage, you’ll see that a wife will want a husband who can provide more than one who can’t. This is why money is so important. When a man is down, he is more likely to want a wife who can help him.

A partner is more likely to want better sex moves and, even more than that, care and attention.

It’s the same with being able to communicate well during a marriage, having emotional intelligence, being loyal, having growth potential, etc. You will need these things, and they will be very important to your prayer.

Even if you pray a lot, you won’t be a desirable husband if you do things like sit down and pray when you should be going out to get food. You can’t also pray for orgasms and sexual satisfaction.

Many of us are religious on the surface, but we forget that spirituality teaches us to take care of our spouses and marriages.

Again, prayer is important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But if we don’t start doing the other things that need to be done, marriages in our society, especially those between good religious people, will keep going downhill.

Our homes should get better.

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