When an “Ex” Comes Knocking, Be Careful With These Before You Open

We have people in the past, memories buried in disgust or folded and neatly tucked away.
It’s a different story altogether when we become the memories, especially when they aren’t as nice as we’d like them to be.
A lady who left you for a richer man (because of money) was never meant to be yours. Similarly, a man that picked someone else over you, made a choice. No matter how difficult that choice was, it wasn’t you.
She left you when you were poor, why is she back now that, coincidentally, you are better off?
He left you when he was single, why is he back now that he has a wife?
You can try to rationalize it all you can but it is almost (if not totally) impossible to come up with a good enough reason. For every time he/she returns, it is for a less honourable reason.
If he loved you the first time but left for someone else, the next return will most likely be for just…(you figure it out)
Similarly, if she loved you the first time but left because you were poor, her return is most likely for just…(figure that out also)
People live in denial today. We want to show how better off we are and rub the noses of exes in our current state of claimed progress and in the process many get caught (again). If you have to show off your current state/status to your ex just to feel good then you probably never got over the past.
Some things are meant to remain in a state of permanent disrepair, your love affair with an ex tops the list. Resist any Hollywood type thought and face reality (well, except you have accepted the reality of hurt and diminished returns). I have nothing against being friends with an ex so long as this friendship is guided and guarded by rules but hey, stay safe and that’s best done away.
Exes tend to come up with the strongest compilation of deception made from tools such as pity, regret and self-rediscovery and prior knowledge of your heart.
You are better off without them most of the time as I also know that there are exceptions to this. **Apologies for any WiFi connections severed by this post.
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