Women Complain: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s common to hear women complain about husbands. You may even think that’s all marriages are about but beyond the narrative, many women do the very things they claim husbands do.
You talk about how a man doesn’t do this and that yet you have never tried to understand the man.
Even on social media, it’s the same! A woman is by default the victim. The man is judged before anyone has even heard from him (well except it’s his mother or sister commenting).
Talks for the issues of men get applauded, talks for the issues of men littered with “whataboutism” and attempted justifications.
Husband and wife
Try it: A woman ‘distracted’ will get comments like “oh, the husband must have neglected her, women don’t just cheat”.
For a man, the standard is different, the same man will be called names with the woman told things like ‘dump him’.
We say we want the society to get better but until women begin to listen to hear enough to hear and understand them, unfortunately, things will continue to be this way.
You want to know why men tend not to be interested in fixing, re-conciliatory efforts, mediation etc. It’s because the belief is already established that whatever gathering is there to bash the man and make him a victim so what’s the point?
Yes, there are things men need to do better but understand, nobody is wrong by default because of gender. Women have a lot to contribute too.
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