Read This Before You Send a Nude Picture

You can be naughty with someone in a very sexual way by sending them naked pictures. This could be because you are far away or because you want to spice things up for the next time you meet up for sex.

We get so excited that we lose all sense of reason right before we send it. This could be because we trust, want to trust, or just don’t care at that moment.

But you should care because if you look into the mind of the person who wants to see the naked person, you’ll probably find a dark fantasy world that needs a visual boost. That’s the point of being naked: to give you something to think about or even masturbate to.

Because of this, even if you ask for it to be deleted, it’s not likely to happen. It might just move to a different place.

It’s a lot worse if the person is a talker. This means that, no matter how high up you are, your nudes have been shared as a trophy of the conquest with other people who are into the same thing.
Think about it: you might be a senator, the First Lady, or the head of a big company, but someone is showing off your private parts.

Worse still, a lot of people have already done it with their faces out. This makes you an easy target for blackmailers.

So many of us are in complicated relationships and emotional states that make us make bad choices. I’m not judging you, I just want you to try to protect yourself in the meantime.

What should I do now that I’ve done it?

If it’s on the other device, you have to find a way to get to where it is and delete it. We hope it hasn’t been shared or moved to a different place.

It won’t be easy to tell anyone that you’ve done this, so get help from a professional. At least this way, you can keep things secret.
We’ve all done things that could have been done better, so don’t let this get you down. However, you’ll need to get your affairs in order going forward.

Reach out right now.

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