Don’t Marry Someone Who Thinks They’re Doing You a Favour

Don’t marry someone that sees marrying you as doing you a favour.
This will be reflected (if you observe well enough) in their tone of talks, words, actions, reactions, references and treatment both privately and publicly.
Yes, it is good to marry a person with value but you also should be valued. You need to actually have value to be valued by the way, so it begins with you creating it.

When a person:

– Shuts you up
– Shuts you down
– Shuts you out
– Waves off your ideas & contributions
– Belittles your existence
– Always has to have the final say
– Always has an issue bigger than yours
– Constantly references favours done
– Demeans you
– Believes nobody will have/love you
– Insults you
– Shows no acknowledgement
– Shows no appreciation
– Acts ashamed of you
– Belittles your family
– Scorns you
– Gets angry at you without control

You really want to think twice before getting married to such because these issues are not going away if not addressed.

You are empowered to prevent some things. Help yourself too.

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