All You Need to Know About Marital Intimacy

Marital intimacy needs energy, motivation and attraction.
Unfortunately, many of us have setups that ensure that our spouses are completely tired from running the house.
A person who has spent all energy taking care of the house and children is unlikely to be able to engage in amazing love making. Sex is physically demanding.
Marital intimacy needs energy, motivation and attraction
Beyond that, for many, the only time spouses get treated gently and with a tiny bit of care is when they want sex. It is not automatic, a person you constantly treat poorly is unlikely to be attracted to you enough to stir fantasies. Everything, when they are able to, is just another tiring chore.
Help your spouse in the home. Help create a routine that works for them because if they are helped in conserving energy, you benefit from it.
Also, understand that the amazing sex you desire, does not begin with the erection. It begins with the build up to it, which is in how you treat your spouse round the clock. Be around more, be gentle, be caring, be loving, be thoughtful, even when you have to
correct, do it in love. Give random beautiful and thoughtful gifts too.
These will benefit your home.
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