Cheating Goes Beyond Sex

Infidelity is perhaps the biggest issue marriages face today. Sometimes, it’s straightforward, other times, complex.
When we hear ‘cheating’, we often think about sexual affairs but it doesn’t need to include sex for it to be that.
A lot of cases begin very simple with numbers exchanged but then the conversations get exciting, and deeper to the point where it is filling a void. That’s the point where you keep checking to see if your messages have been replied and when they do, you get excited.
It evolves and you find yourself feeling attracted to what the person represents even though your mind wants to live in denial (we are just friends).
Even when the fantasies begin to get sexual in nature, you comfort yourself with the fact that it’s just in your thoughts but with those thoughts you are ticking, waiting to explode.
It would take a very little push from that point to cross the line with jokes that become serious then become sexual then become deeply rooted emotions. By the time you realize it, you’d already be deeply rooted emotionally or even sexually.
Cheating did not begin when you had sex, it began when you connected in a way the person triggered excitement and emotions. It began when you began to feel uneasy letting anyone know your truth.
You are human and of course this can happen to anyone. The idea is how you shut it down before it develops beyond your control.
Reading this, many of us will connect and understand. Maybe you have been through it, maybe you are currently going through it. You are not weird.
Yes, it may have been triggered because you were lonely, ignored or for no reason at all. What’s done is done. How to move forward is what’s key.
It can be challenging because of emotions involved but things can still be made better.
Familiar? Send me a message to get started.
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